Browse and buy some fabulous local art, grab an espresso (the best coffee on Kauai) or check your email and surf the web

Espresso Bar

Why are our espresso drinks the best on Kauai?
        ~ From start to finish we prepare it individually to YOUR taste.

  •   How strong?
  •   What’s your milk (Soy)?
  •   Hot or Iced (from our cold brew process)?
  •   Regular or Swiss Water Decaf?
  •   How sweet?

The gory details ...

Our baristas are trained to freshly grind, tamp and brew at the optimal grind, pressure and temperature. Our entire process has been favorably reviewed and graded by an official espresso competition judge!

Internet Café

ComputerYou can check your e-mail, print your boarding pass, empty your overloaded camera (burn them to CD) and keep in touch with those not enjoying paradise.

We have 4 high-speed computers at the ready. Since we’re a Wireless Hotspot you can bring your own computer and sit inside or out.

Where We Are

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Coffee Fun Facts

Turkish bridegrooms were once required to make a promise during their wedding ceremonies to always provide their new wives with coffee.

Espresso has 1/3 of the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee.

We say coffee "beans" although they are really berries.

Beethoven, a coffee lover, was so particular about his coffee that he always counted exactly 60 beans each cup when he prepared his brew.


What Others Say...

Aloha N Paradise is definitely one of the best stops in Waimea on your way to the canyon. They have the BEST coffee on the island, and I'm from Seattle so I know my coffee.   ~ baristaqueen
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Great coffee, great people, great atmosphere. Amazing place - make sure you stop by!
        ~ Isabelle, Quebec, Canada

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